The Vietnam Weizheng Industry Co., Ltd was established and issued its Investment License No: 299/GP KCN – DN, on June 25, 2004.

The company has a total area of 13.408,87 m2

With the total invesment capital of USD 2.400.000.

Legal representative: Mr. LIU HAN CHIEH

Main lines of business and production : Industrial paint, Automotive paint, 3C

The process of establishment and development : Our Company has been founded since 1992 in Indonesia. Since then, we always uphold a sincere and innovative spirit, continuously research and develop all kinds of high-grace paints for many fields.

Together with the development of sciences and techniques more and more advanced, at the same time, in order to enhance the quality of product, we furthered the cooperation, technological exchanges with Japan, and other contries in Europe and American, including paints for automotive, PU, industrial works, all kinds of coatings for alloys, Epoxy, 3C, home appliances … We therefore have gained the the considerable experiences and techniques.

In order to widen the scope of our services and activities, we’re never afraid of investing in Vietnam to establish “The Vietnam Weizheng Industry Co., Ltd” in 2004, and it’s officially begun upon production activities in July 2005.

Our great expectation is to enable our customers to use the best quality and most effective products.


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